Stop Wishing, Go Fishing!

by Mysticfish on April 10, 2014

Go Fishing Montana

It is spring fishing season in Montana!

It amazes me how many people come into the fly shop and make some comment about it almost being fishing season.  For some of us, fishing season never ends.  That said, it is truly fishing season now.  Stop wishing and go fishing people.  It does not get much better, only different.  Yes, the best dry fly fishing is still a ways off.  The best streamer fishing is hit and miss depending on conditions.  The best nymph fishing is pretty much always, but is certainly good right now.  The weather is so much better most days than it was in March.  What are you waiting for?

Go Fishing Missouri River Montana

These Missouri River rainbows were taken from the same area and are each genetically unique and colored very differently.

Spring Fly Fishing in Montana

The three  Missouri River rainbows were caught by Dr. Mark Ozog from Great Falls, Montana last week.  Mark was not willing to wait any longer. He decided to Stop Wishing, Go Fishing!

  • Howard Levett

    Still snowing in Colorado but it’s coming!

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