Montana Spring Fly Fishing Awaits

by Mysticfish on April 3, 2014

Can you feel it!

Can you feel it? I walked out the door at lunch time today and there it was. I opened the car door and the air was warm and humid; not frozen. My wet waders and boots were steaming. It honestly smelled a little funky in there. The carpet has been soaking up lots of puddled snow for months. Now I can finally put the gear and the floor mats in the back yard for some fresh air. Got the sun roof open. Spring appeared today!  Montana Fly Fishing Awaits!

Another sure sign of spring…Izzak’s is opening in Craig Montana today. Real food and beer after a great spring day of fly fishing! Now Joe’s Bar will be a choice and not a necessity.

There is a freshening buzz in the Big R Fly Shop. Lot’s of people tying flies for the weekend and stocking up on tippets, leaders and new fly lines. The Missouri River is fishing well. Reports have been coming in from the Sun River, the Marias River, Belt Creek, Holter Lake, Canyon Ferry and the Blackfoot Reservation. It is Ice Out time again!

Holter Lake Ice Out

Ice Out at Holter Lake

I will be heading out on the Missouri River for my first guide trip of 2014 on Saturday morning. I can’t wait. My open air office awaits. It has been a long winter. March went out like the lion it came in as. Snow on April 1st. Winter has been thumbing his nose at us. There is a big winter storm moving east today, but by gosh we’ve got some spring on the backside and I’m going to enjoy it. Sorry to my friends in the midwest. Your day will come.




  • cofisher

    It sure has been a strange winter. We’re still fighting the snow but the sunny days are starting to win out.

  • Fred Telleen

    Well, we have finally had some warm spring days, and as expected, now we are seeing some major runoff. The Missouri River will continue to fish great, but many of the freestones will be blown for some time.

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