Culture Shock

by Mysticfish on October 21, 2013

I’m back in Montana shuttling my son and his friends to hockey practices again. Its always a bit of culture shock to leave my little cabin in the mountains of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula and rejoin the rest of the human race.  There are actually people who do more than just live to fish every day as I have for the past four and a half months. My wife, son and daughter are some of those people.  I’m fortunate that they are still willing to take me in.

September was a truly magic month as exemplified in my last post of a month ago (sorry).  October this year was mild and fishy, but my season was impacted by that damn government shutdown thing.

Government Shutdown

Marc Lester/For the Washington Post – Fred Telleen, owner of Mystic Waters Fly Fishing, launches his boat on the Kenai River at Cooper Landing, Alaska, on Thursday morning. The fishing guide has already lost more than $5,000 to the shutdown.
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I got interviewed by the Washington Post and ended up on the front page, surprising some of my Washington D.C. relatives. Then there were interviews with some Anchorage news outlets.  I even got a call from NPR.  I’d rather have been guiding clients in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, but my special use permit to operate there was suspended.  I managed to alter a few trips, but had to cancel six and turn down another handful of prospects.  I am truly thankful that the shutdown did not happen earlier in the season.

I did manage to get out with the boys on several occasions. We had some fun.

No Government Shutdown Here

No Shutdown Here

Update for anyone interested.  I have shifted dates for our Hosted week at Alaska West on the Kanektok River.  July 11-18 is our window.  The July 4 start did not work for some.  If you would like to join us July 11 2014, let me know ASAP.  A few spots are open.

Swing for King Salmon

King Salmon on the Swing

So if you can’t reach me on the phone for a day or two, just remember I’m in the middle of Montana reentry and trying to deal with the culture shock of the other side of my life.  I probably just need to catch a few fish on the Missouri River to get my bearings back.

  • Howard Levett

    Welcome back home. I hope we’ll continue to hear from you during your break.

  • Corry

    These are some great pictures!!

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