Guide Strip Leech

by Mysticfish on April 7, 2012

I like to keep many of my fly patterns simple, because I need lots of them for guiding.  If I spend more than a few minutes on a fly, it usually lands in a tree or under a rock. The Guide Strip Leech is a prime example.  Simple patterns can still be very effective.  Here is one of my favorite.  Not only has this fly taken many trout and salmon from Alaska, but Montana trout like it too. It’s even Big R Fly Shop “Shop Trout” approved. Here is a fly tying video showing just how easy it is to tie the Guide Strip Leech.  You can skip to the last minute of the video to see Shop Trout.

Guide Strip Leech Tying Materials

  • White Thread 140 denier
  • Gamakatsu drop shot size 4
  • Waddington 15mm shank
  • Suffix 20lb braid
  • Real Eyes – 7/32″ nickel/yellow
  • UV tan krystal flash
  • Rabbit strips – white / or any color or combo of choice

 Alaska Salmon Love Purple

Salmon Love Purple

Sore Arms and Big Smile

Montana Browns Eat White

Guide Strip Leech Brown Trout

Shop Trout was right

Alaska Rainbow Trout like them dark.

Guide Strip Leech Alaskan Rainbow Trout

Guide Strip Leech Trout Spey

Drift them, swing them, strip them, but always be sure to keep your hook sharp; because there is still no point in a dull hook.

  • cofisher

    Very nice tie Fred. I’ve never seen that Waddington before. Very cool. Thanks and have a happy Easter.

    • Mysticfish

      Happy Easter to you Howard. The snow is gone, the grass is greener and the wind is taking a day off. It’s perfect.

  • Erin

    I’ll have to give this one a go. Leeches are working amazingly in Colorado right now!

    • Mysticfish

      Hey Erin. It might be just the ticket on your tricky reservoir.

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