Spring is here, Beer is cold, Rooster Fish are plentiful

by Mysticfish on April 4, 2012

Rooster Fish Pez Gallo

After a Rooster Fish like this its time for Cerveza Fria

Spring is here in Montana and fishing options abound.  In Baja, the fishing report from Stacy is as follows:

Beer is cold, Rooster Fish are plentiful.  I really wish you could just come down for a few days, because the beach is REALLY good right now, and there are more roo’s than normal out of San Lucas from the boat.  It’s a really tough call on which way to fish, but ultimately wind is the deciding factor on a daily basis.  When it comes out of the north, the boat is the ticket and the Pacific is just unreal right now – you can wear yourself out on sierra, jacks, rooster fish and maybe even a yellowtail inshore.  Bluewater we’re seeing more and more tuna, wahoo, dorado and of course marlin.  The really warm water is getting closer and closer – that always means more bait which brings in the fish we are after.  There was even a 360 lb. swordfish caught last week. When the wind is from the west, we run for the East Cape beaches, and the fish have been hunting as big singles or doubles or full on street gangs of 15 or more fish.  Could potentially cash in some airline miles for a bonsai, but I imagine that might be a little tough with Simms Ice Out, graduation, and everything else that fills your plate.  Let me know if you want to try and make something happen.



Drop everything if you can and go find Stacy.  I’d sure like to.  No Rooster Fish in Montana, but the rainbows, browns, walleye, pike and carp have my undivided attention.  Warm weather and moderate runoff are shaping up to make this a bug hatching spring to remember.  Enjoy the water wherever you are and live in the moment.

Tight Lines,



  • http://www.govserv.us Matt

    It snowed 3 inches in Moscow today….., thanks guys…..!!

    • http://mysticwaters.com Mysticfish

      It was 73 here yesterday but your snow will be here tomorrow.

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