Lefty Kreh said that Tenkara is a Fad

by Mysticfish on January 27, 2012

From the Tenkara USA Blog:

“Tenkara is a fad and it won’t last long”, Lefty Kreh, the legendary fly-caster and face for TFO (a fly-fishing company) told me this morning as we walked toward the Marlborough Fly Fishing Show here in Marlborough, MA.”

Well, that’s an honest opinion from a fly fishing legend.  Right or wrong, its one Legendary Fly Fisherman’s opinion.  That opinion is ironically reaching many people with little knowledge of what Tenkara is about.  That comment will likely promote more interest in Tenkara, simply because Lefty said it.  Tenkara will owe Lefty big time.

I began fishing with a cane pole; moved up to a Zebco 202; dabbled with hand lining; actually caught some fish with my bare hands; fell in love with spinning reels; got way into bait casting, started building rods, picked up an old bamboo fly rod; bought a graphite fly rod;  bought more graphite fly rods; and now I’ve got a handful of spey rods.  I think one of the best things about fishing is that there are so many ways to enjoy it.  We can choose the best or easiest technique or try something more challenging; with the goal being to catch a fish a certain way.  There are many ways to be rewarded.

I don’t expect we’ll be seeing any Tenakara angling on the upcoming episodes of Buccaneers and Bones even though Yvon Choinard is a Tenkara fan.  I’m a big fan of YC and if he’s made room for Tenkara, then that’s saying something.  Tenkara is just one more way to exercise a fish under the right circumstances.  Heck, Tenkara even has a yearly Summit. I’ve heard of fly fishing shows and spey claves, but a summit sounds pretty serious; even kind of elitist.  While these guys may not be for reel, I think we will be hearing from them for awhile.

In checking out Tenkara USA, I’m behind their ideals:

“Tenkara USA will open the doors to many outdoor enthusiasts and backpackers who like the idea of fly-fishing but have always found western fly-fishing too complex or intimidating. Tenkara USA is dedicated to small-stream conservation, and committed to the Planet through the 1% for the Planetintiative. Tenkara USA  will donate at least 1% of its sales to the environment.”

As far as Tenkara goes, its pretty simple and that’s kind of the point.  These guys seem pretty harmless.  If all goes well, they will take over the market and everyone will move to smaller waters and focus on diminutive trout.  I will have all the casting room I need for double hauling 8 weights and swinging 2-Handers.  Can you hear my drag scream?  Tenkara…Tenkara….

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  • http://www.cofisher.blogspot.com cofisher

    I agree with you Fred. With all the PR Tankara has garnered over one comment made by Lefty Kreh, we’ll all be Tankaraing (a new word from my soon to be released Tankara dictionary) from one end of the globe to the other. If Lefty had just told me he was going to hiccup out loud I would have bought stock in TankaraUSA. Another opportunity to get rich down the drain.

    • http://mysticwaters.com Mysticfish

      Things sure move fast in the internet age. A few years ago we would have had to wait for the magazines to pick up the story and then the comments would have followed in the next months issue. If you had 4G, you would have known that the Tenkara Dictionary was like so 20 seconds ago. Grab some bamboo or glass or even graphite, unplug for a few hours, and hook a fish that needs to take some line!

  • http://www.roderickhawgbrown.com Roderick Hawg-Brown

    For some reason you omitted me in your mention of bloggers. What–just because I have pectoral fins instead of hands–I don’t rate? You’ll come to regret the oversight, sir. Bring your 9 weight and seek me out for a bit of sport. Better yet, bring two 9 weights.

    • http://mysticwaters.com Mysticfish

      I wade corrected and have corrected. Now open your mouth and inhale my triple articulated yummy and tug on some 20# Super Sniper.

      • http://www.roderickhawgbrown.com Roderick Hawg-Brown

        I’m your huckleberry…

        • http://www.cofisher.blogspot.com cofisher

          That’s the funniest exchange I’ve ever heard.

          • http://www.roderickhawgbrown.com Roderick Hawg-Brown

            You’re an easily amused fellow, Mr. Cofisher. What is a cofisher, anyhow? Is that someone who does not fully fish themselves, but has help? Like, a stunt double or some such thing?

  • http://riverkeeper1.blogspot.com brad melville

    well, to twist another lefty (or left handed?) comment,
    lefty Kreh uses the fast internet to throw bad comments even farther…

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