Are You Working Tomorrow?

by Mysticfish on July 9, 2011

Last night, there was a strong showing of the fraternal order of the fevered fish heads at the Kingfisher in Cooper Landing. The IPA was flowing and the fishing flap was loud. Stories of days gone by, epic fish, epic fishing, epic failures, quiet whispers about secret patterns, loud exclamations of opinion…did I mention the Glacier IPA was flowing? Somewhere in the middle, someone asked me if I was working tomorrow? That’s code for are you guiding or fun fishing or just hanging out. Most of the guys in attendence work for outfitters. Here is my reality: I’m not working today. I’m just running to town to get my brakes done, doing a months worth of laundry, answering phone, email and text messages, doing June taxes, running the last weeks payments, washing the boat, going over 12 fly rods, switching and cleaning fly lines, tying some special flies, picking up the cabin, running to the dump before the bears come sniffing around, and then maybe taking a breath to figure out everything else that needs doing. Nope, I’m not working today or tomorrow because I will be working right on through to October starting next week.


35.5″ x 23″ Kenai River Rainbow Trout

Kirk Adams and Fred Telleen with a four hand trout from a work day.

Note: I’m waiting for a new lap top. Posting from my Blackberry is a challenge and I can’t edit photos.

  • cofisher

    Fred, I’ll bet you wish you were working tomorrow! I guess it can’t all be fun and games. Nice fish by the way…

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