What’s Happening and What’s Happened?

by Mysticfish on July 12, 2014

Sockeye Salmon

The Boys of Summer

Sockeye were running strong when the season opened June 11 and they never stopped.  Now they are just getting bigger.

Boyd Family Fun

Boyd Family Fun

The Ruck Brothers showed up for 4th of July.  Mark set off some rainbow fireworks.

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

Happy 5th of July

Happy 5th of July

Disturbing? It"s only Matt Ruck.

Disturbing? It”s only Matt Ruck.

Matt Ruck made set off some stuff of his own.

Rockfish on the Fly are a blast!

Rockfish on the Fly are a blast!

I got to catch a bunch of Rockfish and Silver Salmon on the fly during a Saltwater Adventure.  Really, really fun.

Bloody decks and tasty fish!

Bloody decks and tasty fish!

Summertime and the living is beautiful!

Summertime and the living is beautiful!

Summer has crested.  The water is finally high.  Salmon are everywhere.  Fishing is still fun.

Even kids can do it and have a blast.

Even kids can do it and have a blast.

Girl Power vs Salmon.  Girls win.

Girl Power vs Salmon. Girls win.

Captain Eric Lund and I have been doing some Apre guide 2 Handed trouting.  It’s been really fun.

Captain Eric Lund is getting addicted to the swing.

Captain Eric Lund is getting addicted to the swing.

Sometimes Salmon join the swing party.

I'm already addicted to the swing.

I’m already addicted to the swing.

This King Salmon made my summer complete.

I love the swing, especially for Kings!

Especially for Kings!

Rainbows are awesome!

Rainbow Rule!

Rainbow Rule!

Don’t forget we have Mystic Waters Logo Gear Galore…

Get Some!

Get Some



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Mystic Waters Logo Gear

by Mysticfish on July 2, 2014

It’s finally here…Mystic Waters Logo Gear, sporting our great new logo designed by Kirk Werner of Itchy Dog Productions and the Unaccomplished Angler Blog fame.  You have probably noticed the logo here on the website and thought that, “Gee, I’d love a hat, a t-shirt and a hoody sporting that look.”  Well now you can get some.

Mystic Waters Logo Hats

Stacy and I have already caught lots of fish wearing our new hats.  It’s time you got yours.  To start with, we’ve ordered hats, T-Shirts and Hoodies. We might run some nice Simms Jackets on down the road, so let us know if you’d be interested in anything special.

Mystic Logo Shirt

Mystic Waters Logo T-Shirts

If you are joining us later this season, than you can get your logo wear at the source.  Let us know if you would like us to show up with any particular sizes or colors. If we are not seeing you in Alaska this season or if you want to break in your Mystic Waters Logo Wear right away, just Email or text (509-715-9697) to place your order.

Mystic Waters Logo Wear is here.

Logo Hoodies from Mysticfishing.com



Fly Fishing Alaska 2014

by Mysticfish on June 18, 2014

Alaska Fly Fishing Kenai River

June 11, 2014

Sometimes I remember to look around and I get that old familiar grin.  I first spread that grin in May of 1989 when I looked up at snow streaked Cecil Rhode Mountain above the turquoise waters of the Upper Kenai River and realized that it was in my backyard.  Fly Fishing Alaska and specifically the Upper and Middle reaches of the Kenai River are what have been calling me to Cooper Landing Alaska for the past 25 years, but its more than that.  It’s a migration urge now, somewhat like the sockeye.  I push up a ribbon of highway for 2550 miles. I no longer live here year round, but every spring I get called home to the headwaters of the Kenai River system and I must answer the call.

Alaska Fly Fishing 2014 Girl Power!

Girl Power meets Salmon. Girls win!

Sockeye Salmon Goodness

Matt, Mark and Kenny Behaving (?) on the Kenai

Matt makes salmon very nervous

Matt is serious about Kenai River Fly Fishing…having fun that is!

We have fun!

Fun for all ages…really fun!

Swinging the Polar Minnow

Swinging the Polar Minnow for smolt crushers.

It’s this place.  It’s the great people I call friends who thrive here as well.  It’s the anglers that come to visit year after year, many who have become good friends.  It’s the joy on new faces when tangling with a first salmon, rainbow trout or Dolly Varden Char.  It’s the joy on the old faces who never seem to get enough.  It’s Fly Fishing Alaska 2014.


Fly Fishing Blogs

by Mysticfish on May 16, 2014

There is an inherent problem with running a fly fishing blog if you are a fly fisher and a guide.  If the weather is good you are probably fly fishing.  If business is good, you should be on a river guiding regardless of the weather.  If you are on a river, you should not be blogging.   While it is possible to post to a fly fishing blog with a smart phone, its not what I’m thinking about when I’m chasing fish.  I would much rather be Montana fly fishing on a beautiful spring day than posting a fly fishing blog.

fly fishing blogs?

Not a fly fishing blogs day

Another problem with Montana fly fishing is that I can barely take time out for pictures.  When I do take pictures, they are usually on someone else’s camera.  Thus I rely on guests and friends to send me a few shots now and then to show what’s happening on the water.  Here are a few that I collected from the last two weeks.

Dan with a slab Montana Rainbow

Dan has traded North Dakota spring walleye for Missouri River rainbows and brown trout.  He is really happy about it.

Dan with an even larger Montana Rainbow

My son Kyle got to join one of his hockey coaches for a beautiful spring day of fishing.  He was the net boy as in, “Hey Kyle, Paul has another fish. Get the net boy.”

Paul and the "Net Boy" Kyle Telleen

Once in awhile I join in the fishing action.  When I get the chance, I’m going to swing something on my favorite 4wt Sage One Switch rod.

Double Rainbow in Montana

Terry Jenner just joined the board of the Missouri River Fly Fishers.  It was an easy choice after a great day of catching fish on the Missouri River.

Terry with a streamer eater

Terry is the coordinator of Project Healing Waters in Great Falls, Montana.  Terry has had me teaching some fly tying classes for several months.  Terry has his vets tying flies, going on guided trips and taking casting lessons.  He is always looking for volunteers.

Terry doing the shotgun lift Terry with a colorful spring rainbow

A legitimate two footer

Bi Polar Minnow eater

Sometimes Trout get tired of eating little midges, baetis and those scudly crustaceans.  I like to see how big a fly I can get them to eat.  They can’t pass up the Bi Polar when they want to eat something big.


There are all kinds of different looking trout in the Missouri River.  When you feel that tug, you never know what that fish will look like.  That adds to the fun.

Catching rainbows is more fun than fly fishing blogs

football fat Montana Rainbow

Bow Bow

Perfect Montana spring trout

Dan put the Bi Polar to Brown Town

Once in awhile there might even be a walleye surprise.

walleye surprise

Besides all the fish, the Missouri River is pretty easy on the eyes.

Denver not thinking about fly fishing blogs

Missouri River below Holter Dam

Missouri River at Mountain Palace

Sunset scene from the Missouri River

Sunset from the Missouri River south of Cascade Montana

Recreation Road on the Missouri River in Montana

I hope you get out there this spring wherever you are and enjoy some great fly fishing.  In between those times, it can be fun to check out a few fly fishing blogs.  Here are ten of my favorites to peruse when you are not fly fishing.

Moldy Chum

Simms Wading Room

Rio Blog

Windknots & Tangled Lines

Unaccomplished Angler

Deneki Outdoors

Gink and Gasoline


Larimer Outfitters

Catching Shadows

I just noticed on my little weather widgets that it is 73 degrees in Cooper Landing Alaska and 59 degrees in Craig Montana.  Maybe I will need to start thinking about Alaska fly fishing again.  Nate already has his trip planned for September.Kenai River Silver Salmon