by Mysticfish on December 9, 2014

Ok, be honest.  How many fly rods do you have that you seldom or no longer use?  One…three, a whole bunch?  Most of us who have been at it for some time have a closet, den, garage, storage unit or some dark location that is housing unused rods.  Possibly, they were once prized possessions, but then something else came along. Maybe your casting style changed or your rod action preference or your target species or your rod type entirely.

I need a fly rod!

I need a fly rod.


New, shiny, higher tech rods have also come along. Now there are good old fly rods living in lonely spaces, marooned like the sad little doll on the Isle of Misfit Toys. 

Take heart.  There just might be a little boy or girl who would cherish your misfit toys.  Your old toy might create a spark that will ignite a lifetime of fly fishing passion for some youthful recipient. Give that poor misfit rod new life. #passiton

If you are interested in donating your used angling gear, contact your nearest North 40 Fly Shop, or just find a kid, #passiton, and make their day.

Now that you’ve selected some unused but very serviceable equipment to pass on, you should feel great; liberated even.  You can once again consider that new Sage One or Winston Boron III TH-MS that you could not justify with a closet full of rods.

Happy Holidays!

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Alaska Fly Fishing Final Days

by Mysticfish on October 27, 2014

Alaska fly fishing final days are bittersweet.

Alaska FlyFishing Final Days

The atmosphere is changing. The sun is low in the sky, casting golden light.  The days are shortening. The air is chilling.  Leaves are falling. Swans are trumpeting, Wolves are howling. Moose are sparing. The views are achingly beautiful. The longing to reunite with family and friends is a constant ache.  The body is tiring…

Kenai River Fly Fishing

and some of the best fishing of the year is happening.

Alaska Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout

The trout are as fat and feisty as they can get.

Frosty morning Alaska Fly Fishing

The final mornings are frosty and full of anticipation.

Middle Kenai River Morning

The sunrise is a welcome promise of warmth.

Colorful Kenai River Rainbow

The rainbows are spectacular.

Alaska Fly Fishing on a snowy fall day.

The camaraderie on the river is like nowhere else.

Keeping the bugs off

 A fine cigar is a treat.

Final Silvers

 Fat chrome silver salmon are a gift.


Fresh Salmon Sashimi with a side of Bluefin Tuna caps off an incredible Alaska fly fishing final day.

Final Alaska Fly Fishing dawn

On final days mornings, when I roll out and its dark and cold and raining or snowing, I feel like that Dunkin Donuts guy from the 1984 commercial.  Time to make the donuts.

But soon, I’m back on the oars; going with the flow and in my rightful place, sharing the joy of spectacular fall Alaska fly fishing  final days.

Time to make the donuts

Cold, but not too cold.

Snow adds to the magic of final days.

Final trip to the Moose Bar

While the river never goes to sleep, the pace is slowing down.

Alaska Fly Fishing Friends

A final late season outing with friends is a testament to why we are here.  Fishing in this place is really fun.

Final Outing

The beer stays cold just sitting in the boat.

Final Silver Salmon Double

A fish rolled.  Lines were cast.  Lines were crossed.  A fish took a fly.  Then another.  It was chaos. There was shouting, There was laughter. There were gyrations by anglers and fish. You had to be there.

Final Trout Spey

 A final hour of swinging before sunset yields one more powerful rainbow.

Sunset below Kenai Lake

You only have one chance to make a first presentation on your Alaska Fly Fishing Final Day.

Alaska Fly Fishing Final First Cast

It was another fulfilling season…on spectacular waters…shared with exceptional people…creating lifetime memories.



Mystic Waters Fly Fishing

by Mysticfish on September 10, 2014

Why the name Mystic Waters Fly Fishing?  I think these images from recent days will portray my vision of the Mystic Waters.

Mystic Waters Fly Fishing

 31 degrees Mystic Waters Fly Fishing

Mystic Waters Morning

39 degrees

Misty Mystic Waters

41 degrees

Fly Fishing Mystic Waters Alaska

 45 degrees

Mystic Waters Alaska Fly Fishing Morning

50 degrees

Fish On Mystic Waters

52 degrees

Mystic Waters Fly Fishing

53 degrees

fish on fish on

58 degrees

Mystic Waters Sunshine

60 degrees and sunshine.

Some days it rains.  Some days it pours. Some days are hot.  Some days are cold and misty and mystical.

There are no bad days on the Mystic Waters….Fly Fishing.

Mystic Waters Logo Gear

Get Some!


Bear Ate My Chicken

by Mysticfish on August 20, 2014

Chicken dinner spoiler

Chicken Thief

So I’m washing my boat the other day and I get done and hear this crunch crunch sound.  It sounds like Stacy’s dog Kona working on a stick, but he’s miles away.  I turn around and the tray of chicken I’d set out on the corner of the grill is gone. I look a little further and discover the sound of the crunching.  This chicken thief spoiled our barbecue.  He was not at all remorseful, until I sent him up a tree and gave him a shot of pepper spray.  It was either that, or he’d likely be sitting on my couch the next night after emptying the fridge.


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